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Be Prepared for Your Summer Road Trip

Route 66 Road Sign

Summer is a great time to get away, visit friends and see some of the best of what our country has to offer. But, to make sure that your trip is memorable for the right reasons, you need to get prepared for the journey. A few steps to avoid problems that can keep you from enjoying your time on the road.

1. Get your car checked for your trip – at Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change!

During a road trip, you put far more miles on your car each day than you do during daily use. Because of this, more can go wrong than it normally would. And, most road trips include some time away from the beaten path, meaning it’d be harder to get help than it would be in your neighborhood.

To reduce the chance of car trouble, take care of any car maintenance that would be coming up soon anyway.

2. Prepare an emergency roadside kit.

Car on Roadside

If something does go wrong while you are on the road, it is best to be prepared. An emergency roadside kit should hold everything that you need without taking up too much space. Your kit should include jumper cables, gloves, a tire pressure gauge, reflector triangles, a flashlight and a first aid kit. Make sure that you have a spare tire to get you back to town if you get a flat.

If you have an emergency kit that’s been in the trunk of your car for awhile, make sure you check through it thoroughly. Many kit essentials can degrade over time. Make sure that your flashlight has fully-charged batteries, that your jumper cables are free of nicks or kinks and that all elements in your first aid kit are present and fresh.

3. Create a passenger and pet-friendly entertainment kit.

It’s a guarantee: not every mile of road is going to provide exciting scenery. To keep everybody sane, pack entertainment and snack kits for both two-legged and four-legged travelers. Magnetic checkers or chess boards can help pass the time. Audio books can keep people quietly entertained. Dog chew toys can keep your pet occupied during a time when he can’t run around. Make sure you have snacks and water for everyone, too. This can help keep hunger at bay and allow you to skip unnecessary stops.

Summer road trips go far more smoothly with a bit of preparation in advance. By taking time to ensure that your car is in top working order and stocked with the things you need, you can make a season full of adventure and memories.

Stop at a Bay Area Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change location near you and we’ll help you get your car ready for your summer road trip! No appointment necessary.