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What We Do

  • Remove old fluid from the reservoir.
  • Circulate Wynn’s® Power Steering System Flush to dissolve sludge and varnish, remove wear material, and eliminate other contaminates.
  • Refill system with manufacturer’s recommended fluid.
  • Add Wynn’s® special supplement formulated to help extend power steering component life, prevent fluid leakage, and quiet noisy power steering pumps.

Why We Do It

  • Helps restore steering performance.
  • Provides proper lubrication of power steering components.
  • Helps reduce or eliminate steering noise.
  • Helps prevent sluggish steering on cold mornings.
  • The Bottom Line: Helps avoid premature, unexpected, and expensive power steering failures.

A Reason To Change

Simply change your power steering fluid on schedule and you benefit from an increased lease on life for your expensive power steering components. The minimal cost incurred to change your power steering fluid can save a fortune over the cost of having to replace any component in the system.