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What We Do

We Check the Battery

The ED18 Diagnostic Test Results detect three possible conditions of your battery:

  • Bad: Replace your car battery as soon as possible (ASAP).
  • Marginal: Prone to failure in moderate to extreme heat or cold. Battery performance abruptly drops from this point.
  • Good: Retest the battery in about 1 year.

We Replace the Battery

  • Remove the old battery and recycle it in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Clean battery terminals with an acid-fighting spray.
  • Place and secure a new manufacturer approved premium Interstate® battery in your car.
  • Install anti-corrosion pads at the battery terminals.
  • Connect cables to the battery terminals.
  • Spray terminals with an anti-corrosion spray.

Why We Do It

  • Interstate Batteries® guarantees 18 month free replacement and prorated replacement up to 75 months if your battery fails to start your vehicle.
  • The Bottom Line: Helps prevent stressful situations.

Be Ready

Car batteries are the unsung heroes of transportation. They are ready to provide the essential electrical charge needed to fire up your vehicle’s engine, so you can start your journey. Without a healthy battery, your car is just a hunk of plastic and metal parked in the driveway.