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Fun Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Mountain Road

With Father’s Day, road trips and casual local drives, summer has a focus on cars. Prime weather and sunlight well into the evening hours create the right conditions to cruise to your heart’s content. That makes this the perfect season to choose car-themed gifts for the car lovers in your life. It might be tough to pick from the endless options of car-related presents but here are some ideas.

The Hottest Tech Gadgets

A car lover can update and improve the car they have with cutting-edge tech gadgets. Help your recipient skip the cluttered cord of their phone with a wireless setup such as a Mophie wireless ecosystem, which uses the air vent mount, or a cup holder wireless charger. Mophie Wireless Ecosystem

Verizon’s Hum, which includes a speaker and reader along with an app, can upgrade the tech on any car to alert your gift recipient with diagnostics on the vehicle’s mechanics and remind about maintenance. If a problem happens, it includes roadside assistance and a certified mechanic-manned call center.Verizon Hum

A dash cam will present the true story if the driver is ever in an accident, while Navdy projects maps and data onto the windshield.

For the forgetful car lover, a key finder helps your recipient spend less time looking for the keys while a GPS homing device finds the actual car in a parking lot.

You can find many other tech options to fit the person’s preferences and needs, such as a car charger that powers multiple devices at once.

Gift Ideas for Classic Car Lovers

For classic car lovers, think of the car lifestyle instead of only focusing on the car itself. Consider a book specific to the person’s interests, such as the Porsche – Origin of the Species coffee table book, or a model car.

There are many nice car-themed items for the home, such as the Belleze Racing Style Bucket Seat Office Chair and a coffee table made out of an engine. As personal accessories, you could choose nice leather driving gloves, an automotive t-shirt or the sleek Autodromo Group B Evoluzione watch.

A Supreme Roadside Emergency Kit

Every summer traveler or college bound student should have a good roadside emergency kit. The best ones include a high number of helpful items to prepare for every situation. You could choose a 76-piece AAA kit, a 90-piece First Secure one or even a 104-piece Victor set. These kits are prime because they include everything a driver could need to stay safe or get back on the road. Top kits include jumper cables or a rechargeable jump starter, tools, a flashlight, a first aid kit and other useful items.

A Sonoma Raceway Gift Certificate

Sonoma Raceway LogoAny car lover in Northern California would get excited about a gift certificate to Sonoma Raceway. It has exciting events throughout the summer. Your recipient could head to the Toyota/Save Mart 350 in late June, plan for drag races or the Sonoma Nationals in July or wait for the Championship at Sonoma Raceway in August.

Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change Gift Certificates

All four of our quick oil change locations offer gift cards in any denomination – a great gift for any Bay Area car enthusiast!