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Car Maintenance

Fun Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

With Father’s Day, road trips and casual local drives, summer has a focus on cars. Prime weather and sunlight well into the evening hours create the right conditions to cruise to your heart’s content. That makes this the perfect season to choose car-themed gifts for the car lovers in your life. It might be tough… Read More

Choose a Pennzoil Platinum HE™ Oil Filter at Your Next Oil Change

High quality motor oils and oil filters from Pennzoil® help keep passenger cars and light trucks clean and running at peak performance. With the average vehicle over 11 years old, effective removal of dirt and contaminants is critical to continued engine performance. All oil filters are not created equal. Economy oil filters can cause damage… Read More

How Motor Oil Works in Your Car’s Engine

  What is Motor Oil? Engine oils are complex mixtures of base oils and additive components designed to perform a variety of tasks: separating and lubricating moving parts, reducing engine wear, helping prevent deposits from forming on internal engine components, removing and suspending dirt and contaminants in the oil until these contaminants can be removed… Read More