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“They’re fast, friendly, dependable, and knowledgeable. They know who we are, they remember us every time, and they know what to look for. The fact that they know us, and remember who we are when we come in. I’m very pleased.”

Sarah M.

“I felt taken care of, because I’m not a car person. I want someone to tell me what they’re going to do and to check everything. It’s a complete service and I don’t have to do anything. That’s what’s so wonderful.”

“They have very friendly people. They’re cheerful and conversational. They really get you through quite efficiently. It’s a very pleasant experience.”

Elizabeth N.

“The quality of service is good and they’re very thorough. When I went in, they explained to me what was wrong with my car and it had nothing to do with the oil, so you get more than what you pay for.”

“The customer service, everyone was very courteous and polite. They did their job up to par, and I was in and out of there faster than I could have imagined.”

Jimmy M.

“Came here on Sunday, and it was indeed a quick 10 minute oil change. The guys were great, let me know of a few add ons that my car probably really does need, but weren’t pushy when I declined.”

Drove to work this morning and my oil light came on with a horrific beep along with it. I called and the manager sent 2 guys out right away to check it out. I know nothing about cars, but apparently a gasket or screw or whatevertheheck was old in my car and it snapped in two after the oil change. The manager got a new part and replaced it free of charge right away.”

Could they have noticed the thing broke right away? Maybe. I really have no idea. But I was impressed with their customer service during and after the fact. Thanks Arturo!!”

Bridget G.

“Exceptional service! From the gentleman that greeted me all the way to the lady that cashed me out. Explained everything. Didn’t make me wait in my hot car and had s nice selection of coffee, teas, and water with an air conditioned wait room. Fast too! I’ve tried multiple oil stop locations and very unhappy. I highly recommend this place and will definite return for future oil changes!!!!”

Jennifer T.